About Us


The IDRPG are a group of dedicated volunteers with the aims of preserving and restoring a variety of rail related items including Locomotives and Rolling stock. We also aim to educate the public in the history and operation of all aspects of the railway scene weather that be mechanical workings of locomotives and equipment to the history of lines.

The group has a variety of skills such as mechanical, electrical, joinery, painting and locomotive lining as well as many more.

As a group we are currently self sustaining and rely on contributions from those you, the general public. With the aid of your support we will succeed.

If you believe that we can help with one of your projects then please get in touch with us at contactus@idrpg.co.uk. We are willing to travel to most locations to assist any railway who needs our help. If any of you would like to be a member of the group, then please message our facebook or twitter page and we will get to you with the details of the next Starter Session.

Our Working Locations

Geoffrey Briddon Building

Geoffrey Briddon Building

Here we are currently restoring Y.E.C Half Janus Locomotive 1382 along with many other locomotives and rolling stock. We would like to thank Andrew and Pete Briddon for allowing us to asist them and utilise shed space and equipment.



The Foxfield Light Railway is one of the UK’s earliest heritage railways. The line was built in the1890’s and unlike many lines which follow valleys, the Foxfield Railway maintains a 5½ mile round journey which boldly crosses open moorland, hills and woodland. Here we are currently restoring Y.E.C Janus Locomotive Ludstone.

Rock By Rail

Rocks By Rail

ROCKS BY RAIL is an outdoor adventure, cast in an ironstone quarry. Covering 19 acres of reclaimed quarry, railway tracks and nature trails, Here we are currently helping restore many locos along with helping the operation of the railway.

What we do


We as a group aim to restore and preserve as many locomotives and rolling stock items as we can thus we can use our knowledge and skills to assist with any projects we are presented with, we can work independently or as part of your working team.


We can provide a quotation service, during this service we will use our knowledge, skills and contacts within the railway and restoration community to provide an acurate quote on the work your project will require, this can then be followed up if required to discuss what work we could carry out in order to assist you.


We can also provide operational help, within the group are members several of whom are highly skilled/qualified in areas such as locomotive driving, shunting, guarding, firing, project management and IT assistance.