Y.E.C Half Janus 1382 'YEC 2872'

Last Updated 9th Jan 2018

1382 Works No.2872 and known within the group as 'UNITTIE' was acquired by 2 of our founding members back in May of 2015. When the ID&RPG was formed in August 2016 this locomotive was taken on as the group's first project. At this time most of the strip down work had already been done, with the engine, bonnets and windows being removed ready for painting. Since then work has continued.

The first thing to be done was to continue on with repainting the loco. Inside the engine bay, the cab, underframe and steps.

Over the next few weeks the Air tanks were painted, a new cab floor put in and the wheels were painted and lined.

The next major task was to get the engine joined back up with the generator. Getting this done was a major milestone completed that the team needed to achieve. As although many essential small jobs had already been completed there was no visual sign on progress.

The engine and generator were then lifted back into the loco and the job of refitting the cooling system and electrics started.

Final paint detailing was added to the engine and taking advantage of the nice weather, members took a few minutes to enjoy being able to work outside.

This job was completed in December 2017 just before Christmas and to finish the year on a high note an attempt was made to start the engine.