Ketton Fowler Project

Ketton Fowler Project Body repair

The Ketton Fowler Project started in 2018 when the group did an inspection of the loco to assess the work that was needed. All mechanical and electrical work would need to be undertaken to make the locomotive functional again and the body work was not in the best of shape due to the locomotive being covered in concrete dust that had been eating away at the steel since it was moved from Ketton Cement works to rocks by rail.

In 2019 the loco was moved to the works shed to have work started. The main task was to remove all the cement dust that was damaging the loco. So, the chassis was thoroughly cleaned back to bare metal and the engine bay and cab also had cleaning started and is still in continuation. There were also some large holes on the side of the cab that required some new plate to be welded in which has been completed and has had a coat of primer to stop any rust forming.

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