Tram Project

Tram Project origional

The story

At the beginning of 2019 we were contacted by a gentleman saying that he had a 1901 Newcastle tram body that was purchased by his father and had been kept on the family farm since WW2. The property had just been sold and the new owners didn’t want the tram body in the garden. This being the reason we were contacted.

Two of our members lived close to the site where the tram was located and agreed to have a look at it to see if it would be viable for restoration. Upon inspection it seemed that the tram body was in good condition for its age considering the fact it had been outside and used as a potting shed for half its life.

So, after a month or so of planning and discussions with the group it was decided to preserve this amazing piece of history and to make something that would be useful for our group, we decided to take on the project.

The plan

Tram Project on Chassis

The aim is to build the tram body onto a 6 wheeled milk tanker chassis that the group has purchased and with some modification turn it a passenger coach for use at Rocks by Rail.

To our knowledge this has not been attempted before so this will be a task that requires a lot of careful planning and will be taken through several designs to make sure the carriage is suitable for it purpose.

The tram requires a full new bottom frame that holds all the walls together and holds the floor up which is also in need of replacement. It was discovered that the original wiring was still inside the tram but will be replaced due to it being a little out of date.

Up to now there has not been any work done to the tram as designs are still being drawn up and we cannot yet afford the materials to begin the work but we hope to begin the project as soon as possible.

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