Getting back to normal?

Right here we go again, or in other words hello and welcome back to another blog update from us here at the ID&RPG. Are Things getting back to normal? It is starting to feel like it!

As has become the new norm we descended on the museum bright and early Saturday morning. Ashley and my self arrived on site just after 7 a.m. with the aim on looking in to some of the faults mentioned in the last update with regards to the Matbro. “Toby I bet that all went to plan and all the faults are sorted right?”… nope not exactly.

Disaster Strikes…..

After unlocking the museum building and the signing on hut we got the keys for the mess room to make the morning brew. But alas…. disaster had struck. Mother nature has not been kind to the roof of the mess room and as such we opened the door to find the small leak had got a lot worse since last time. It had filled the bucket positioned to catch the water and had proceeded to run all over the table and tray with the mugs on. Shock, horror, gasp… yes it is true, we started work without a brew. Ashley mopped all the water up and cleaned the mugs whilst I cleared all the water from the roof to slowly and eventually stop the leak.

The mid week crew from rocks will be fixing the roof in the next week so we shouldn’t arrive to the same next time. Anyway we finally got a couple of mugs of tea on the go and then we were off.

Getting back to normal, The morning Shunt

Getting Cracking..

With the impending arrival of everyone else we left the Matbro for a while and instead did the morning shunt. This involved pulling Imp out of the museum, then picking up the dogfish and parking them next to the Woolsthorpe shed so that restoration work could continue on both vehicles.

No sooner had we shut 1382 down, people started popping out all over the place armed with tools and parts ready for the days work. Mick, Andrew, Chris and Gary got them selves set up with a needle gun and sanders to further the prep work on IMP. Andy.H backed his van up to the gate filled with new steel for the groups dogfish wagon and Mr.S had come along armed with bits for the cement mixer lorry. “Wait a minute…… What cement lorry?” its OK i’m getting to it.

Wash Plant MK4

Whilst everyone else got busy with the days tasks a few of us helped modify the cement lorry or as it affectionately known BALLAST WASH PLANT MK4!!! (its a work in progress title, all suggestions for a name are gratefully received but do keep them clean).

The first versions of our wash plant all used the small mixers. These worked rather well so we have decided to scale the process up to wash more ballast and speed the job up. The main problem was that the loading chute was too small for the bucket on the CAT so it had to be made wider. With this done using some of the scrap metal we had laying about we moved onto the next modification.

Thomas helped add a rubber skirt to the exit chute. This is to help guide the washed ballast down onto the screen and also protect the operators from the deluge of water coming out. We didn’t have time to test this on the day but we will most likely cover this in a later update.

Fixing the Matbro

Mid afternoon Thomas, Stephen and my self all managed to get back on with the Matbro. The main problem was that the brakes were not working properly. After an investigation in to what worked what, a quick bleed through and a good few taps with a trusty hammer all the brakes are now functioning. So that’s another job ticked off the list.

Finally an update on “Imp” and the Dogfish

The Ruston crew had cleaned more paint and grime off Imp and Ashley and Andy.H had made head way with the steel work for the dogfish chutes. This involved cutting out the old rivets and removing the remaining damaged bits of metal. It was a long hard job but they cracked on regardless.

Another Day Done

As it always dose, the end of the soon day arrived. Everyone packed up there tools and headed home. Ashley, Thomas and I stayed behind to shunt everything back to where it lived and locked up.

Next time we hope to be starting to weld new bits onto the dogfish and possibly get the new cab fitted to Imp, but for know thank you for reading and we will catch you next time. And as always, to see the latest updates and more images from our working days visit our Facebook Page.

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