New Arrival and Washing Ballast

HELLO! and welcome back to our regular (or not so due to Covid) work update. As many of our readers will be aware there has been some sort of global pandemic? This has resulted in our output of work and content to write about becoming minimal. However with life slowly returning to normal and us being able to once again have our working days at the railway we can final put something out and this week it’s all about our New Arrival and washing Ballast. In all seriousness we hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

The New Arrival

The first bit of news is that over the last few months we have taken delivery of another fantastic diesel shunter, this being Ruston 48ds 207103 ‘IMP’. This loco is owned by a Syndicate of our own members who have created a group for their locomotive and her history. They have a Facebook page called Ruston 48ds 207103 ‘IMP’. So go and check them out … BUT NOT YET … finish reading the post first.

After a short spell of running at the museum to test the loco some of our members have started the restoration on Imp. To date this has involved stripping the cab off completely and fabricating a new one, this task has been undertaken by two of our newest members (and owners of the loco) Mike and Andrew to say they work fast would be an understatement. No sooner had they removed the old cab, the new one was already cut to size and very nearly ready to go on. There have been various bits removed and are currently in the process of being cleaned and painted. This weekend ‘Imp’ was pulled out of the museum for some of the more dirty work to be done namely needle gunning and chassis cleaning. This was largely tackled by Mike, Andrew and Chris.

New Arrival. Chassis repairs.

Washing Ballast

The rest of the group were helping the Rocks by Rail crew with ballast washing … yup ballast washing … the washing of ballast. No its not a new hobby to fend off Covid boredom, nor is it punishment for bad behaviour. The track relaying project was started January 2020 and has been seriously hampered by the pandemic, not only has this meant that its taken a lot longer than planned but also there seems to be a national shortage of building materials including fresh ballast.

Now its always best to reuse and recycle where possible and this is what we have been doing. We were getting screened and washed ballast from the wash plant at Whitemoor however this has suffered a brake down and its not expected to be fix for quite some time. So our only option is to wash our own ballast. The General manager at rocks is a very resourceful chap and has come up with a very effective means of cleaning it all our selves. This is proving very messy and a little wet but the results speak for them selves. we have a hopper wagon that keeps getting filled with clean stone so we can finish relaying the track at start playing trains again!

And that’s about all we have to tell you at the moment folks. We will be back doing it all again in two weeks time and we will hopefully have more to share with you then. In the mean time keep safe, stay well and carry on supporting our little group. Many thanks from all of us here at the ID&RPG.

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  1. Great progress , and very informative comments on the group activities.

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