Rain Last Time, Baking Hot This Time

What a contrast in forecast for this working weekend. From thunderstorms last time to the hottest weekend of the year so far.

So here we are once again for an ID&RPG working day. This time we had a change to the jobs of previous weeks. With the start of another important job that needed doing.

Toby and Stephen were first on scene and started the morning shunt. 1382 was fired up and pulled ‘IMP’ out of the shed as once 1382 had built up air the ‘Ruston Guys’ arrived to continue work.

The ID&RPG are very fortunate to have these guys as part of the team as they are doing an amazing job restoring the Ruston 48ds.

So once ‘IMP’ was pulled out, 1382 was taken over and coupled up to the hopper on the back and the compressor waggon on the front. This made the train up for its jobs for the day. The ballast hopper had a load of cleaned ballast in from the previous cleaning session and was ready to be emptied onto the main line. The compressor wagon was required as it was time to weed spray all of the track.

Ashley soon arrived and took on driving of the Ballast spraying train while Toby, Stephen and Gary headed up to continue cleaning the top yard before moving onto the storage field.

Over the past week numerous brake blocks had been found in the field. buried by all the overgrown weeds. These were collected up and transported up to the yard where they were paired up and laid out. We Also brought up some Springs that were also found.

Continuing down in the field, loco parts were found and also taken up to the yard. Many items of signalling were found and all collected together. Once this was completed the ground was scrapped back ready for some old sleepers to be laid down to tidily store parts in a way that it can be actually seen what is there.

Meanwhile The ballast had been dropped and the spraying had commenced. It was found that 1382 was a great loco to use for this job as just closing the contacts and leaving it on idle gave an ideal speed for the spraying process.

Over with the Ruston Guys they had continued work on the removed fuel tank from last time now giving it a cleanout and a top coat of paint. The rest of the team were continuing to sand and paint the bonnet frame and buffer beams.

Some time consuming jobs this week but all necessary and needed completing in preparation for re-opening the site to the public.

Join us again next time for another working update.

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