Reviving of Old Beasts

Hello and welcome to another update from us here at the Industrial Diesel & Railway Preservation Group. This time its the Reviving of Old Beasts.

We’re sorry its a bit later than planned. We normally try to get these out after a working day but with everyone having full time jobs and being so busy its proved a little tricky this week, but anyway here we go.

Saturday saw a good size group of us turn out at the museum with two main aims in mind. A few of us were set to start having a good tidy up of the storage yard, where the containers are, whilst Mike and Andrew carried on with the restoration of Imp. “But what about the ballast washing job?!?” yes OK… OK…. that still needs doing. But with something in the pipeline to hopefully make that job a lot quicker and easier we took a brake from that to start down the road to reopening and getting the museum covid safe. As part of this the Woolsthorpe shed needs a good old sorting out so that there is plenty of room for people to be able to pass and maintain social distancing. This means putting the least used parts and equipment in the containers. However, to do this the top yard needed tidying first (this is part of a larger overall tidy up of the site in general) .

The day started bright and early at 8.30 and after unlocking and having the almost mandatory brew up we were ready to go. 1382 was fired up and roared in to life with no complaints. After building up air, she set back to pick up Imp and pull it outside so that the needle gunning could continue. With the hot weather we are having at the moment the track is looking rather industrial so we couldn’t resist taking a few arty shots whilst the locos were out.

After dropping Imp off next to the Woolsthorpe shed we moved our attention to getting the CAT started and taking it up the top to start moving things about. Most of the items that needed moving were quite heavy, more than a few of us could lift. The first job once up there was to relocate the oil barrel holder so that is was closer to the oil store. Once moved it was loaded up with the barrels of oil that had been needing a proper home for some time.

Once this was completed we started collecting things together and organising them in to tidy piles on pallets, wagon springs in a wagon springs pile, wood in a wood pile, scrap in a scrap pile……. you get the picture.

Ashley and the CAT were proving very useful for the moving of heavy things using the forks but we soon needed a large bucket to take the rubbish away. This would have meant constantly swapping between the forks and the bucket but fortunately the rocks by rail mid week team had resurrected the museums Matbro front loader. It hadn’t run in many years and this was evident in its performance. There are a few jobs that need doing on it to get it back up to its full health so we will be tackling them soon. It still proved a very capable machine and helped cut our work load in half. It’s also worth noting that it has a big old ford engine under the bonnet so it was happily growling around the site making a rather nice noise. Mean while Mike and Andrew had turned up and started the work on Imp.

After dinner Andy.H, Charlie, Ashley and my self all carried on with the clean up operation whilst the Ruston division of the ID&RPG got the paint brushes out. Yup that’s right, they got all of the chassis sides gunned, polly disced and primed in less than a day (I did say in the last update Mike and Andrew work fast and efficient). Packing up time soon rolled around. The matbro and the CAT were put back in there homes and the locos returned to the museum building all ready to do it again in two weeks time.

So the only thing left to say is we hope you’ve enjoyed this update and we hope you are staying safe and well, until next time thank you for reading and supporting the ID&RPG. As usual please follow along with us on our Facebook page.

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