Working Day – Carriage and 1382

Here we are with another working day update from the group.

Working days are starting to get back into the old routine with the ID&RPG. We are of course keeping separated as best we can when working to ensure everything is done safely.

A number of jobs were undertaken throughout the day. The Coach that is on site and used by our members when we stay over has since its arrival needed significant restoration to make it water tight and wind proof. It also had a few unwanted guests that needed dealing with.


The coach has needed a number of panels replacing and the this has finally been started with a few of them being done in the last few weeks. These have then needed to be painted. The remainder of the panels have been sanded down and most have been now been painted.

Over on the other side of the yard there was a combination of Diesel and, surprisingly, steam work going on. On the odd occasion when required the ID&RPG help out other members of Rocks by Rail with their maintenance work to keep the whole site up and running.

While one of our members was helping out on on the steamers getting them ready for putting a fire in them for the first time since the beginning of lock down.

After shunting locos out of the shed further progression was made on 1382’s marker lights. Now, with a tap in hand, the conduit boxes were fitted to the buffer beam. Now all that remains is to finish cutting and bending the remaining pieces round the hand rails.

The grease nipples have also finally been sourced and fitted. These jobs are bringing 1382 ever closer to being fully completed.

The people down at RBR that day is a good example of how the railway preservation scene will be able to survive into the future with a growing number of younger volunteers having an active interest.

The youngster group

We hope to continue to grow our group into the distant future to preserve these fantastic machines.

The loco line up at RBR

Rocks by Rail will hopefully be back open to the public in the new year for the start of the 2021 season. In the mean time we will continue to bring you updates on our working weekends to prepare for this time.

1382 entering Cottesmore West Pit

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