Working Day Update #1

Welcome to a working Day Update #1. On Saturday 22/08/20 the ID&RPG had a working day down at Rocks By Rail. Present on the day was our Chairman Toby, out Vice Chairman Charlie, our Secretary & Treasurer Stephen and Will.

ID&RPG Team Photo Working Day Update #1

The Morning

The day started at 9am with the first job being to investigate the running issues with 1382. These were the ones encountered on the previous working day. Fortunately this was an easy fix as the idle adjustment screw had worked lose. With this tightened up the first job was completed.

It was decided that while the loco was out and running it should be moved over the pit. This is so that a service of the underside could be completed.

Stephen and Will started scraping some of the gunk off the underside around the axle boxes and gearbox. Charlie then checked the level in the gearbox as it was known that this hasn’t been checked in a while.

Will Cleaning Axle Boxes.Working Day Update #1

Charlie then moved onto re-fitting the glass in the marker lights with Toby. Will began oiling all the horn guides now they had all been cleaned.

Once the axle boxes had been all cleaned Stephen moved onto checking all the brushes in the traction motor. This included checking length, spring tension and condition of the braid connections. Later on the same check was done on the generator brushes.

Traction Motor Brushes.Working Day Update #1

After Lunch

By Lunch all the glass’ had been fitted into the marker lights. The remaining tasks for finishing off the wiring was checked so the right tools could be acquired.

During this time Toby had gone round and greased all the side rod bearings. The 2 rear ones had been identified as ones that would soon be in need of replacement.

After Lunch 1382 was run up and down the sidings in order to check the repair and modification to the cooling system that was done last time round. This was the replacement of a hose and the checking and modifying of the thermostat.

During testing the Engine easily warmed up to 60+ degrees when under light load. Where as before it struggled to hit 50. the engine not reaching operating temperature has been linked with oil being found in the exhaust.

For the next hour or so we played host to some guests, showing them around and explaining how the site operates. More to come from this in the future.

The final jobs of the day was for Toby to finish oiling all the suspension before returning the loco to its parking position. A quick tidy up and a final cup of tea before it was time to head home.

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